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Jeff Greenspan and Andrew Tider have asked prisoners to paint and draw people they felt should be in prison: the CEOs of companies that have destroyed our environment, economy, and society. The resulting portraits are featured in an amazing new book, titled CAPTURED: PEOPLE IN PRISON DRAWING PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE. “We present this project to help expose crimes masquerading as commerce,” the book’s accompanying website states.

You can click on the paintings and drawings on the website and see the crimes committed by the artists and by the companies’ CEOs and chairmen. An oil painting by Garrett Rushing, who is serving 17 years for drug trafficking with a firearm and possession of meth with intent to distribute, features Michael Corbat, the CEO of Citi Group, for example. Among the crimes Corbat committed are misleading the government into insuring thousands of risky home loans and deceiving investors by concealing the extent of its exposure to toxic subprime debt, fraud, illegal credit card practices and theft. (Corbat “stole over $14 million from customers by ‘sweeping’ positive balances from their clients’ credit card accounts into their general fund.”) Also featured are the CEOs of Walmart (for bribery, looting the public, public endangerment, stealing workers’ wages and tax evasion) and Exxon Mobile, and the chairman of The Nestle Group.