Of Writers and Rabbits

The 2014 Pushcart Prize anthology is available now! You’ll want to get a copy not only because it features my essay “A Portrait of the Writer as a Rabbit,” but also because–who am I kidding? SPECIFICALLY because it features the one and only BUNNY memoir you’ll ever read! Publishers Weekly writes, “With large publishing houses facing an uncertain future, the Pushcart Prize is more valuable than ever in highlighting the treasured voices thriving in America’s small presses.” Buy it at your favorite independent bookstore or order it from Amazon.


Here’s a little snippet from the essay, which was first published in The Iowa Review:

“Unlike rabbits, the stereotypical German is stationary, predictable, and consistent. She plans ahead, stays close to home, and doesn’t risk awkward jumps. But rabbits and I—we are übermütig.

“Composed of the German preposition über (beyond or above) and mütig, which derives from the noun Mut, or courage, übermütig is commonly translated as carefree, coltish, and slaphappy. But none of these translations captures the adjective’s condescending quality. A German who is overly courageous isn’t a hero. A German who fails to consider where her jumps will land her is conceited and presumptuous.”